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Local Mitigation Strategy

The required 5-year review and update of the Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is underway.

LMS Plan

On August 18, 2015, the Polk County Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 15-098 which approved the County’s designated portion of the Polk County Multi-jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy.

View the 2015 Multi-jurisdictional LMS

Update Process

In 2009, the County and all 17 cities within the County adopted the Polk County LMS.  The required 5-year update process is underway.  The LMS Update process includes a comprehensive review and analysis of the LMS by the Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group, participating jurisdictions and agencies, and the public.  The LMS:  1) identifies hazards affecting the community; 2) assesses vulnerability to the hazards faced by property owners, residents, visitors, and infrastructure; 3) sets short and long-term mitigation goals and objectives; 4) presents opportunities the community can implement to minimize vulnerability to these hazards.  Through a collaborative effort, the update process results in consensus on proposed projects to best mitigate the effects of the hazards. Learn more about the LMS Working Group…

Polk County residents, business owners, organizations, and interested parties, are invited to participate in developing the community’s risk mitigation strategy by providing feedback on the update to Polk County’s Multijurisdictional Current Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) and the 2015 LMS Update.

Help Us Update the Local Mitigation Strategy

Public input is a key part of the LMS Update process.

Polk County Emergency Management requested the participation of Polk County residents, business owners, organizations, and interested parties to help review and update the Local Mitigation Strategy by reviewing the draft document and providing feedback.  Residents and community stakeholders were invited to attend Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group meetings and become involved.  Community Workshops and public meetings were held through the process to reach out to the public for input.

Please join us to learn more about the LMS and provide input as the update process moves forward.  Your participation and input is critical to a successful and relevant LMS that helps the County, cities, and the School Board analyze their vulnerability to hazards and identify effective projects for the mitigation of those hazards. Read more about how you can help…

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact:

Paul Womble
Polk County Division of Emergency Management
phone: 863-298-7002

Marisa Barmby
Central Florida Regional Planning Council
phone: 863-534-7130 ext 110

Jennifer Codo-Salisbury
Central Florida Regional Planning Council
phone: 863-534-7130 ext 178